Into the Greeeeeeeey

I crossed another long-time to-read book off my list with Into the Grey by Celine Kiernan. I guess I stumbled onto a recommended YA list awhile back, because my to-read is currently chock full of them, easily crowding out any other genre. YA is great though. Authors who write good YA are incredible– how they pack such effective and thrilling storytelling into such complete, readable packages, I don’t know. But I hope, one day, to learn.

Into the Grey is a fast read, a punchy and eerie story about a young boy who finds himself in over his head when he and his twin brother start being haunted by a terrifying goblin-boy ghost. Of course, things aren’t always what they seem, and truth is far less scary and more heartbreakingly mournful than anything else.

Maybe since I read it as an ebook, the book felt more novella-ish. It was those sorts where there is one story to tell, in which one pivotal event takes place, and the narration flies through at a rapid pace. You are dropped in and swept along, rather than cajoled sweetly into the story, which isn’t necessarily bad. I enjoyed its briskness, which was a nice break from some of the other things I’ve been reading.

There were a few nuances I wasn’t sure I understood, and definitely a few that probably flew right over my head. It mostly has to do with the setting and characters, who are Irish? or of Irish descent? During the height of tensions between the IRA and the UK. I imagine knowing a bit more about that, and social tensions during that time may help with the subtleties.

Now, I must tackle a million more tasks– I’ve got several books to read, for pleasure, for work, for inspiration, and I also need to take out the trash. While the summer heat and humidity hasn’t made the kitchen can unbearable just yet, I’m afraid it’s creeping up on that line and about to roll right over it. Thank goodness NYC has started organic recycling; I’ve taken to keeping my organic waste bucket in the fridge, where at least, it won’t contribute to the overall fug of Hot Kitchen Sink.


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